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Singing is performing arts. To improve your singing skills, you will need a teacher who not only knows the singing theories, but also knows how to strengthen your voice, and improve the expression in your voice.

Gladys Chan is not only a singing teacher, but also a voice development specialist and a professional singer. Gladys brings her extensive professional vocalist techniques to all of her performances. Her cool and thick voice conveys a deep understanding of the music and the ability to express many layers of emotion. One of Gladys's many strengths is her full range of voice, which covers contralto, mezzo-soprano and soprano. Gladys is a versatile singer of all kinds: Mandarin, Cantonese and English contemporary songs; as well as the traditional Cantonese Opera (both male and female parts). Her expressive singing techniques help her touch and capture the hearts of the audience. Her fans came from all over the world. (See testimonials from audience.)

Gladys specializes in voice development. Under her guidance, students understand the uniqueness of their own vocal instruments, how to control the vocal muscles and be expressive. Gladys has the reputation of her ability to improve her students’ singing range and techniques in a very short time.

Gladys is currently accepting private students and small groups. Of course, being a professional singer, Gladys is also available as a performer for corporate events and charity performance or as an adjudicator for any singing contest. Please contact us by clicking the menu bar at right.


陳志萍 (Gladys Chan)



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Gladys)不單是歌唱導師﹐也是個聲線發展專家及專業歌手。她本身是個多元化的歌手﹐精通國、粵、英語流行曲及廣東粵曲 (平、子喉)。真正的藝術﹐應能表達真善美﹐是有生命、有靈魂的。過份的強調美態﹐反而變得矯揉造作﹐毫不自然。陳老師擅長表達歌曲中感情﹐崇尚自然﹐能夠觸動觀眾心絃﹐引人入。(請參看聽眾評語』)

陳老師精通人體的聲樂構造﹐發聲部位的操作及聲線表達﹐ 透過陳老師的指導﹐學生更能明瞭自己的優、缺點﹐音域、歌唱技巧及表達能力從而迅速提升。

陳志萍老師現接受私人或小組教授﹐也接受邀請作表演或歌唱比賽評判。 預約請用右面按鈕




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